Caribbean Power Jam Radio will be Broadcasting around the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Caribbean Power Jam will bring you the friendly voices of the community, Our programs will be dominating the airwaves from 6am until midnight and also providing an excellent opportunity for our manufacturers, exporters & promoters to further market their brand.

Our objective is to give listeners and advertisers complete freedom to express themselves, thereby contributing to our social, cultural, economic and intellectual development as one. Caribbean Power Jam. takes great pride in the diversity of the people who made us what we are, a radio station of many cultures, languages, backgrounds and experiences. These differences brought us together, making us stronger and giving us a unique understanding and sensitivity to the needs of our customers and the communities that we serve. It takes professional grade ingenuity to back up the claim of greatness and at Caribbean Power Jam we are professional graded . We continue to maintain the high standard of excellence and innovation from which our predecessors laid a strong foundation.

Our program targets all age groups with a message of hope and encouragement through an eclectic mix of popular Caribbean music. Caribbean Power Jam provides solid, uplifting alternatives to other radio programming aimed towards a mature audience.

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